BLACKPINK won first place for “Lovesick Girls”! Encore stage was very cute !!

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Quote from:BLACKPINKOFFICIAL twitter
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BLACKPINK’s new song “Lovesick Girls” is a big hit.

The number of views on YouTube has also set a great record.

BLACKPINK appeared on SBS Inkigayo on October 11th!

This is the stage of BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” performed in SBS Inkigayo.

The set was gorgeous, and the darkening scene was romantic.

In addition, BLACKPINK won first place in the new song “Lovesick Girls” for the first time!

Rose made a thank-you comment to the staff and fans.

The encore stage of “Lovesick Girls” was very cute!

Rose and Lisa, who were posing to make a heart, were cute.

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Fashionable outfits are attracting attention every time on BLACKPINK’s stage.

The outfits for this Inkigayo was also very nice!

Please check it out ♪