Sold out ! ? Introducing the colorful fluffy fashion worn by BLACKPINK on the “ice cream” MV !!

Quote from:BLACKPINK instagram

The new song “ice cream”, which is a hot topic of collaboration between Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK.

The MV for “ice cream” was released, and it quickly exceeded 10 million times.

This time, we will introduce the colorful fluffy fashion worn by BLACKPINK members with the new song “ice cream”!


This is the fashion Jennie wore in the “ice cream” .

The fluffy’s pink cardigan with flowers and the rainbow pants were cute fashion.

The cardigan Jennie was wearing was sold out immediately!


Next, Jisoo’s fashion.

Jisoo also wore a cute fluffy cardigan.

It seems that this cardigan was sold out immediately!

The influence of BLACKPINK is amazing!


Rose wore sexy clothes.

It was fashion that stands out for Rose’s style.

The red headband was also cute!


Next is Lisa’s fashion.

The skirt that Lisa wore was also a fluffy’s floral skirt.

Lisa’s hairstyle was also attracting attention.

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BLACKPINK’s fashion is always talked about.

In the new song “ice cream”, there were a lot of pop and cute costumes that were different from BLACKPINK’s title songs so far.

Be sure to check out the MV for “ice cream”♪