Check out BLACKPINK’s school uniform fashion! To appear in “Knowing Bros” !!

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BLACKPINK made a comeback with the new song “Lovesick Girls”.

The number of views of MV has exceeded 100 million times, proving its popularity.

BLACKPINK has appeared on the popular variety show “Knowing Bros”!

This is the fashion of BLACKPINK members when they appear in “Knowing Bros”.

All four were wearing school uniforms and their skirts looked great!

Their tops were different, and it was a fashion that made them feel individuality.

Everyone was dressed up fashionably !

BLACKPINK members were waving a lot toward the camera and felt the kindness of them.

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BLACKPINK will appear in “Knowing Bros” for the first time in 3 years.

When BLACKPINK appeared last time, BLACKPINK’s funny talk became a hot topic.

Please check out “Knowing Bros” for the first time in 3 years ♪