The collaboration song “SOUR CANDY” of BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga is very popular! !

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BLACK PINK is very popular worldwide.

There are many fans around the world beyond Korea.

Such BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga’s collaboration song “SOUR CANDY” was announced !

Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – Sour Candy (Audio)

BLACKPINK Rose also posted “SOUR CANDY” on Instagram.

The two world-famous collaborations have been talked about before they were released.

Actually, “SOUR CANDY” swept the charts around the world.

As expected.

The collaboration between BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga, who were fans of each other, was the best.

I want them to continue collaborating.

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BLACK PINK and Lady Gaga’s collaboration song “SOUR CANDY” finally released.

It is a huge hit all over the world.

Please check it out!