What’s BLACKPINK”Pink Venom” meanings? The concept is cool!

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BLACKPINK belonging to YG Entertainment.

In recent years, BLACKPINK has been focusing on solo activities and has been active in various fields.

BLACKPINK’s new song “Pink Venom” is about to be released!

This is the credit poster for “Pink Venom” posted on BLACKPINK’s official Twitter account.

This is BLACKPINK’s first comeback since “Lovesick Girls”.

A personal teaser has been released, drawing attention to the cool concept.

BLACKPINK members have various hairstyles, and Lisa’s long hair is beautiful.

The title “Pink Venom” is interesting.

“PINK” showing BLACKPINK and “Venom” are combined, and I’m looking forward to what kind of song “Pink Venom” will be!

I can’t wait to see BLACKPINK’s charismatic performance♪