TREASURE Yoshi pays homage to BLACKPINK Lisa! ? Check the rap parts of “JIKJIN” and “HowYouLikeThat”♪


TREASURE made a comeback with the new song “JIK JIN”.

The comeback of TREASURE has become a hot topic all over the world.

In the new song “JIKJIN”, TREASURE’s Japanese member Yoshi’s rap part is drawing attention!

This is the MV of TREASURE “JIKJIN” released on YouTube.

It was a powerful MV, and the climax was really cool.

Following Haruto’s rap, Yoshi sang rap.

In Yoshi’s rap part, Lisa’s rap part of BLACKPINK “How You Like That” was included!

This is the MV of BLACKPINK “How You Like That”.

In the rap by Lisa, there is a rap by Yoshi in “JIKJIN”.

Yoshi’s rap sense was wonderful 😆

This is an interesting part for YG fans, and it seems to be more talked about in the future!

There are lots of other things to see, so let’s check out the MV for TREASURE “JIKJIN” ♪