BLACKPINK Rose’s dog Hank is very cute! The gentle behavior of Rose is a topic!

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BLACKPINK’s main vocal, Rose.

Rose has a beautiful voice and is a very popular member all over the world.

BLACKPINK ROSE has started to have a new dog.

This is Rose’s new dog Hank.

Rose took over the dog Hank from the shelter and started keeping it!

An Instagram dedicated to Hank has been opened and has already exceeded 600,000 followers (as of December 12, 2020).

You can feel the great influence of Rose.

BLACKPINK Jisoo also posted a photo with Hank!

Jisoo who was facing the same direction as Hank in bag was very cute.

At the end, there was a video of feeding Hank, and Hank was able to “wait”.

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Not only Jisoo but also BLACKPINK Lisa posted a photo with Hank on Instagram.

Hank is loved by everyone !

Please check out the photos of Rose and Hank in the future ♪