Too cool! Introducing the fashion worn by BLACKPINK Rose in “How You Like That” !!

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BLACKPINK, where MV is a hot topic every time.

The MV of the new song “How You Like That” has also been updated with a great number of views.

This time, I will introduce the fashion worn by BLACKPINK Rose in the MV of “How You Like That”!

This is the fashion worn by BLACKPINK Rose in the “How You Like That” MV.

In every fashion, Rose dressed nicely.

The dress had a dark atmosphere that made you feel Black Swan.

The costume that Rose wore at the end of the MV, like a Hanbok arrangement, was cool.

BLACKPINK has great fashion ideas every time!

The white costume was cute and it was an MV where you could see various Rose fashions.

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BLACKPINK Rose is always attracting attention for fashion.

The costume on the MV was also very beautiful.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of costume Rose will perform on stage♪