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BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” MV teaser video has been released ! Pay attention to the sad acting!

Quote from:YouTube
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The world-famous KPOP idol BLACKPINK.

“Ice Cream,” which BLACKPINK collaborated with Selena Gomez, became a hot topic.

The MV teaser video of BLACKPINK’s new song “Lovesick Girls” has been released!

BLACKPINK – 'Lovesick Girls' M/V TEASER

This is the MV teaser video of BLACKPINK “Lovesick Girls” released on YouTube on September 30th.

Jisoo was running in the MV teaser.

The guitar melody and the final phrase “We are the Lovesick Girls” were impressive !

As you can see in the title “Lovesick”, BLACKPINK members were suffering from love.

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BLACKPINK’s new album “THE ALBUM” including the title song “Lovesick Girls” will be released on October 2nd.

BLACKPINK will release the full album for the first time, so fans all over the world are expecting it.

Please check out the music video of “Lovesick Girls” ♪