Who is Ari from TAHITI dating SuperJunior Ryeowook? Introducing the idol couple !!

Quote from:SuperJunior instagram

Popular KPOP idol SuperJunior.

SuperJunior has made various records so far.

Recently, each member is active in various fields.

The love between Ryeowook of SuperJunior and Ari from TAHITI was reported!

Here is a picture of SuperJunior Ryeowook and Ari from TAHITI.

Ryeowook is well known, but Ari from TAHITI is a little-known person.

[k-pop] 타히티 폰넘버 M/V영상 – TAHITI Phone Number_M/V

TAHITI, where Ari was active, is an idol group belonging to Marvel Entertainment.

TAHITI hasn’t been active recently, but they used to be active in Japan.

Ari was born on October 23, 1994 and was a sub-vocal at TAHITI.

I don’t know how Ryeowook and Ari met, but she is beautiful !

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Not only Ryeowook, but also SuperJunior Heechul acknowledged his love for TWICE Momo in January 2020.

The birth of a big couple of famous idols has become a hot topic.

Ryeowook is also dating idols, and the feelings of the fans are a little complicated.

Still, I support Ryeowook who works as Super Junior!

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