La Campanella! ? BLACKPINK “Shut Down” MV teaser released! Previous title song also appeared! ?

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BLACKPINK belonging to YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK will make a comeback on September 16 with the new album “BORN PINK”.

The preceding song “Pink Venom” is increasing the number of MV views.

And today, at midnight on September 14th, the MV teaser for BLACKPINK’s new song “Shut Down” has been released!

This is the music video teaser for “Shut Down” posted on BLACKPINK’s official Twitter.

“Pink Venom” had a strong impact, and I have a feeling that the new song “Shut Down” is also a masterpiece.

“La Campanella” caught our attention!

“La Campanella” that everyone is familiar with was playing, and it was the best match with Rosé’s singing voice.

Lisa, who appears at the end, was really cool😆

The title songs that BLACKPINK has released so far appear, and I’m curious about the MV story.

I want to see the full MV of “Shut Down” as soon as possible because it’s a song with a different concept from “Pink Venom”!

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