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BLACKPINK Lisa’s CELINE fashion! Introducing the fashion that Lisa wore in the October issue of ELLE US !!

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BLACKPINK is very popular in the fashion world.

All BLACKPINK members have appeared in the October issue of ELLE US.

This time, we will introduce the fashion that BLACKPINK Lisa wore in the October issue of ELLE US!

Quote: https://twitter.com/ELLEmagazine/status/1306572630003257346?s=20
https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2020 -ready-to-wear / celine / slideshow / collection # 6

This is the fashion worn by BLACKPINK Lisa at ELLE US.

Lisa wore a CELINE black dress!

The white frilled neck and wrist design is a wonderful dress.

Lisa’s style was outstanding.

Lisa’s hairstyle was also cute!

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At ELLE US, you can see the fashions of BLACKPINK members.

There are lots of fun photos to look at, such as Lisa’s CELINE fashion and Jennie’s CHANEL fashion.

Please check it out ♪