BLACKPINK Lisa taught NCT127 “Kick It” dance! Her dance scene at 青春有你3 has become a hot topic!

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Produce101 series are very popular in Korea.

I.O.I, WannaOne, IZ*ONE, and X1 were born, and JO1 was born in the Japanese version of Produce101.

Produce 101 is also being held in China, and 青春有你3 is currently being broadcast.

BLACKPINK Lisa is the dance teacher at 青春有你3!

Lisa was a dance teacher in 青春有你 series so far, and she continued the dance teacher in 青春有你3

Lisa is a member of the world-famous girl group BLACKPINK , so it’s attracting attention not only from China but also from all over the world.

Among them, the scene where Lisa teaches the dance of “Kick It” on NCT 127 became a hot topic!

After watching the trainee’s dance, Lisa taught the choreography of the dance of “Kick It”.

Lisa’s hands and the moves of her body are very cool.

Lisa looked at her trainees’ performances again and found that their dance was clearly improved and Lisa also praised her trainees.

Lisa’s advice is perfect, and you can feel her leadership as a dance teacher!

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Tony who appeared in Produce X101, where X1 was born, is participating in 青春有你3.

Tony has been a popular member since Produce X 101, so he’s already a popular member!

Japanese trainees are also participating in 青春有你3, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of group will be born!

Please check out the future 青春有你3 ♪