Poster image of BLACKPINK’s new song “How you like that”! The visual change of BLACKPINK is a topic! !

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BLACKPINK is a very popular Korean girl group.

The other day, BLACKPINK collaborated with Lady Gaga and it became a hot topic.

Such BLACKPINK will make a comeback on June 26 with a new song “How you like that”!

I will introduce the poster image of “How you like that”.

First, Lisa’s poster.

Lisa had dyed her red hair!

It was a bold hair color change, but it suits Lisa well.

Next is Rose poster.

The hair color of Rose has changed!

Rose’s hair color that you have never seen before is wonderful.

Next is Jisoo poster.

Jisoo was stable black hair!

I’m looking forward to the future development of what Jisoo’s expression tells.

Finally, Jennie’s poster.

Jennie was especially impressed with her red makeup!

Her hair color has changed, and visual changes have become a hot topic.

The appeal of Girl Crush was felt in common with all four.

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BLACKPINK’s new song “How you like that” announced on June 26.

BLINK’s expectations are rising even with posters alone.

I’m looking forward to what song BLACKPINK will make a comeback♪