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BLACKPINK Jennie’s CHANEL fashion! Introducing the fashion that Jenny wore in the October issue of ELLE US !!

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BLACKPINK is active worldwide.

In the new song “Ice Cream”, BLACKPINK collaborated with Selena Gomez and it became a hot topic.

This time, we will introduce the fashion that BLACKPINK Jennie wore in the October issue of ELLE US!

Quote: https://twitter.com/ELLEmagazine/status/1306572097746022400?s=20
https://www.chanel.com/tr/fashion/p/20K -PODIUM-009 / look-9 /

This is BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion that appeared in the October issue of ELLE US.

Speaking of Jennie, it’s CHANEL!

CHANEL’s black dress and colorful belt were a beautiful fashion.

The design of the arm part was a unique and luxurious fashion.

Jennie’s hairstyle was also different and fresh.

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At ELLE US, not only Jennie but also other members wore wonderful costumes.

BLACKPINK’s fashion magazines are always wonderful.

Please check it out ♪