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What fashion brand did BLACKPINK Rose wear on “On The Ground”? Also Saint Laurent and Korean brand !

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Rose is a popular member in BLACKPINK.

Rose released her solo debut song “On The Ground” on March 12, and it has become a hot topic all over the world.

This time, I will introduce the fashion that Rose wore in the MV of “On The Ground”!

First , the pink dress that Rose wore in this photo is “ Alex Perry ” .

The black jacket Rose wore was “ SAINT LAURENT “, and it was really cool.

Next, the ruffled mini skirt that Rose wore in this photo was “ HALEIA “.

The elegant design made Rose’s beautiful legs stand out.

The pink ruffled dress that Rose wore in the flower field scene of the MV of “On The Ground” is also “ HALEIA “.

The purple fur coat Rose wore on the swing was “ ANDTHEOTHER “.

It’s not that expensive, but when Rose wears it, it looks like a luxury brand!

It’s a cute design, so it’s likely to become popular 😆

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In “On The Ground”, not only fashion but also Rose’s facial expression was wonderful.

It’s a movie-like music video, and you’ll want to look back over and over again!

Please check the stage performance of “On The Ground” ♪