BVLGARI accessories are cute! Introducing BLACKPINK Lisa’s “ice cream” fashion! !

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BLACK PINK, whose new song “ice cream” has become a huge hit worldwide.

You’re getting more attention in the big collaboration with Selena Gomez.

This time, I will introduce the fashion worn by BLACKPINK Lisa on the “ice cream” MV!

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First of all, it’s the fashion that Lisa first wore on “ice cream” MV.

The sweatpants and white tops made Lisa’s style stand out.

Several BVLGARI rings and bracelets were also worn, which was fashionable!


The black and white fashion of these clothes was impressive!

Lisa was wearing a dress with an interesting pattern and was sexy.

The shortcuts and white cap were also cute.


This Lisa has a cute green shortcut, and it was a sporty fashion.

Lisa had an adidas skirt and a tennis racket, which was a cute style.

Lisa also wore BVLGARI necklaces and rings in this fashion!


Lisa’s rap was really cool in “ice cream”.

The fashion that Lisa was wearing at that time was also sexy and cool.

The purple outerwear and the long boots were gorgeous.


From cute to sexy fashions, Lisa can dress up in any fashion.

Lisa’s hairstyle was also short, long, and the hair color was different, so it was an MV that Lisa fans could enjoy.

Selena Gomez was also cute and sexy.

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BLACKPINK MV that will always entertain you.

Blackpink’s fashion and hairstyles are all attracting attention in the “ice cream” MV.

Be sure to check out the fashions of other members as well as Lisa♪

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