The MV of BLACKPINK ROSÉ’s solo debut song “On The Ground” was released! The gorgeous MV like a movie is a hot topic!

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BLACKPINK belongs to YG Entertainment.

The full album “THE ALBUM” released in 2020 has achieved a million seller.

The MV of BLACKPINK ROSÉ’s solo debut song “On The Ground” has been released!

This is the MV of BLACKPINK ROSÉ “On The Ground” released on March 12th.

Jennie’s solo song “SOLO” was released in November 2018, so it was first solo debut from BLACKPINK in more than two years.

ROSÉ’s solo song was unveiled for the first time at BLACKPINK’s streaming concert “THE SHOW” held on January 31, and it became a hot topic from early on.

It was an MV with a gorgeous set such as sparks and swings, and the production cost seemed to be great.

ROSÉ’s facial expression was beautiful, and it was a MV that looked like a movie!

Especially the scene of the climax flower field was very beautiful, and the pink costume that ROSÉ wore was also cute 😆

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ROSÉ finally made her solo debut with “On The Ground”.

ROSÉ will appear in various music programs !

Please check out the live performance of “On The Ground” ♪