BLACKPINK Jennie’s clouds Delvaux bag is cute! Lisa’s CELINE beanie is also cute! Depart for America ♪

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BLACKPINK belonging to YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK is scheduled to release a new album “BORN PINK” on September 16th, and the new song “Shut Down” is attracting attention.

Today, September 15th, BLACKPINK members left for Los Angeles, USA!


This is photos and video of BLACKPINK at the airport posted on KOREA DISPATCH’s official Instagram.

It was wonderful to see the four of them leaving together.

Rosé just attended a Cartier event in Japan, and she’s got a busy schedule.

Lisa was wearing a Celine beanie, and each member was wearing different brands.

Jennie’s Delvaux bag was cute too!

It’s a Delvaux bag designed with clouds in the sky, and it looks really fashionable when Jennie has it😆

Be sure to check out what kind of comeback activities BLACKPINK will be doing in the US♪