BLACKPINK Jennie’s clouds Delvaux bag is cute! Lisa’s CELINE beanie is also cute! Depart for America ♪

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BLACKPINK belonging to YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK is scheduled to release a new album “BORN PINK” on September 16th, and the new song “Shut Down” is attracting attention.

Today, September 15th, BLACKPINK members left for Los Angeles, USA!

@koreadispatch on Instagram: "- ✔ 블랙핑크 (BLACKPINK) ✔ 인천국제공항 출국 ✔ 2022. 09. 15 #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #지수 #JISOO #제니 #JENNIE #ROSÉ #로제 #리사 #LISA #LALISA #공항패션 #출국 #airport #departure #DIPE #디스패치 #dispatch"
338K likes, 3,217 comments - koreadispatch on September 14, 2022: "- ✔ 블랙핑크 (BLACKPINK) ✔ 인천국제공항 출국 ✔ 2022. 09. 15 #BLACKPINK #블랙..."

This is photos and video of BLACKPINK at the airport posted on KOREA DISPATCH’s official Instagram.

It was wonderful to see the four of them leaving together.

Rosé just attended a Cartier event in Japan, and she’s got a busy schedule.

Lisa was wearing a Celine beanie, and each member was wearing different brands.

Jennie’s Delvaux bag was cute too!

It’s a Delvaux bag designed with clouds in the sky, and it looks really fashionable when Jennie has it😆

Be sure to check out what kind of comeback activities BLACKPINK will be doing in the US♪