BLACKPINK Jennie has orange hair! For BLACKPINK’s comeback?


BLACKPINK Jennie is popular all over the world.

The MV of Jennie’s solo song “SOLO” has exceeded 800 million views, and Jennie’s personal YouTube channel is also popular.

Jennie has changed her hair color to orange!

These are photos posted on BLACKPINK Jennie’s official Instagram.

“Don’t talk to me or my new hair”

Jennie’s new hair color is orange, which has never been seen before!

She had the same hair color as the flower in the photo 😆

BLACKPINK’s comeback is rumored to be coming soon.

BLACKPINK’s comeback has been since “Lovesick Girls”, and fans all over the world are waiting for it.

Don’t miss BLACKPINK’s future activities to see what kind of concept the new song will make a comeback ♪