The number of views is amazing! BLACKPINK Lisa “LALISA” MV released! The chorus dance is cool!

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BLACKPINK’s main dancer, Lisa.

Lisa is known as a member who is good at dancing in KPOP idol, and is very popular all over the world.

The MV for Lisa’s solo debut song “LALISA” has been released!


This is the MV for BLACKPINK Lisa “LALISA” released at 13:00 on September 10th.

“LALISA” had already been talked about by the MV teaser.

It’s nice to have Lisa’s name as the title 😆

It was a YG-like style song with a powerful sound from the intro.

The phrase “LALISA” repeated in the chorus was impressive, and the dance was addictive!

Dance challenges are likely to be popular on TikTok.

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The MV for “LALISA” released at 13:00 has exceeded 10 million playbacks in less than two hours.

The MV is full of highlights, and fans all over the world are watching the MV!

I’m looking forward to the performance of Lisa’s “LALISA” that will be shown on the music program ♪