Stray Kids Hyunjin is a university student! ? Voice V Live is a hot topic!


Stray Kids Hyunjin is very popular all over the world.

Hyunjin is a popular member for his cool performance on stage.

Hyunjin broadcast Voice V Live on April 8th!

This is Voice V Live brodcasted by Stray Kids Hyunjin.

STAY was happy that Hyunjin talked to STAY.

Hyunjin on that day looked so happy, and some STAY said that he might have been drinking alcohol.

The hot topic is Hyunjin’s university !

A little while ago, it became a hot topic among STAY that Hyunjin, Lee Know, Seungmin, and Changbin attended university.

Hyunjin said that he is a university student on this V Live.

It’s amazing that Hyunjin is doing his best to study at university in parallel with his idol activities as StrayKids!

Hyunjin told STAY a lot of other fun stories, so let’s check out Hyunjin’s Voice V Live ♪