Introducing Stray Kids member profiles ! Real name, personality, birthday, age, position, birthplace, blood type, family, Hangul, nickname !!

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What is StrayKids?

JYP Entertainment has produced many popular idols such as Wonder Girls, 2PM, miss A, and GOT7.

Recently, NiziU has been produced and is attracting attention from all over the world, especially in Japan.

Stray Kids made its debut in March 2018 from JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids was a 9-member group consisting of members who appeared in the survival program “Stray Kids”, but in October 2019, member Woojin withdrew, and now it is active as an 8-member group.

There are members who can write and compose songs, and it is attracting attention as an idol group who can produce by themself, and dance performance is also popular.

Let’s take a look at the profiles of Stray Kids members in order!


Real Name: 방찬、 Christopher Bang

Birthday:October 3, 1997 (23 years old)

Birthplace:Seoul Special City, South Korea(raised in Australia)

Blood type: O type

Family: Parents / Younger Brother / Younger Sister

Nickname: Chani, Kangaroo

Position: Leader

Reliable leader of Stray Kids

Bangchan is the leader of Stray Kids and is a member who grew up in Australia.

As 3RACHA, Bangchan is producing songs for Stray Kids, and his powerful performance is also popular.

Bangchan has spent his time as a trainee with TWICE members, and they seem to still have a good friendship.

Stray Kids members also trust Bangchan and he is the reliable leader of Stray Kids.

Lee Know

Real Name:Lee Minho


Birthday:October 25, 1998 (22 years old)

Birthplace:Gimpo City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Blood type: O type

Family: Parents

Nickname: BotaLeeKnow, Dancing Jewel

Position: Main dancer

Dance Leader of Stray Kids

Lee Know is the main dancer for Stray Kids and he is a good dancer.

Before becoming Stray Kids, Lee Know was a back dancer for BTS and is famous among fans.

Lee Know is also attracting attention for his mysterious character, and he always posts funny pictures .

He looks a little scary, but he is a very kind member.


Real Name:Seo Changbin


Birthday:August 11, 1999 (21 years old)

Birthplace:Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Blood type: O type

Family: Parents / Older Sister

Nickname: Binderella

Position: Main Rapper

Bangchan’s aegyo is so cute!

Changbin, who is in charge of the main rapper of Stray Kids, performs a powerful rap.

He was one of the best rappers among KPOP idols and appeared in “SHOW ME THE MONEY”.

He has a lot of aegyo !

The gap between his coolness and cuteness is popular among fans!


Real Name:Hwang Hyunjin


Birthday:March 20, 2000 (20 years old)

Birthplace:Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Blood type: B type

Family: Parents

Nickname: Wangja( 왕자 )

Position: Main dancer, sub-rapper

Similar to ITZY Yeji! ? Also active as 00s!

Hyunjin is a member of Stray Kids who is in charge of visual.

Hyunjin is a well-known member of Stray Kids, and he is also a MC of Show Music Core.

It is also attracting attention for his visuals that look exactly like ITZY’s Yeji!

Hyunjin, AB6IX Daehwi, ASTRO Sanha, and Golden Child Bomin have formed a unit as 00s, which was a popular collaboration.


Real Name:Han Jisung


Birthday:September 14, 2000(20 years old)

Birthplace:Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Blood type: B type

Family: Parents / Older Brother

Nickname: Squirrel 、Quokka Wallaby

Position: Lead rapper

Mood makerM of StrayKids that looks just like Quokka

Han is also active as 3RACHA with Bangchan and Changbin.

Han’s cute visuals that look a lot like squirrels and quokkas are also popular.

Han is really cool on stage, and he is good at both rap and vocals.

With a bright personality, Han also plays a role like a Stray Kids mood maker!


Real Name: 이용복 、Felix Yongbok Lee

Birthday:September 15, 2000 (20 years old)

Birthplace:Sydney, Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Blood type: AB type

Family: Parents / Older Sister / Younger Sister

Nicknames: Lix, Pilix, Pili

Position: Sub-rapper, lead dancer

Low voice is cool! Angel born in Australia

Felix is a member from Australia who has an attractive low voice.

The gap between his cute face and his cool low voice will surprise you.

He has a very gentle personality, and he often makes brownies and distributes them to everyone.

He has a friendly personality and is close with NCT DREAM members.


Real Name:Kim Seungmin


Birthday:September 22, 2000 (20 years old)

Birthplace:Samseong-dong, Gangnam District , Seoul, South Korea

Blood type: A type

Family: Parents / Older Sister

Nicknames : 댕댕이 , Cherry (because he had red hair)

Position: Lead Vocals

댕댕이 who is good at singing

Seungmin has a cute visual like a dog.

His smile is really cute like a puppy!

Seungmin is very good at singing, and StrayKids members are surprised at his passion for recording.

He has a gentle, calm personality, but when he is with Stray Kids members, it seems that he really enjoys.

Seungmin loves the maknae, I.N!


Real Name:Yang Jung-In


Birthday:February 8, 2001 (20 years old)

Birthplace: Busan Dong-gu, South Korea

Blood type: A type

Family: Parents / Older Brother / Younger Brother

Nicknames: Maknae

Position: Sub-vocal

Stray Kids’ beloved Maknae

I.N is the youngest member of Stray Kids.

I.N is loved by StrayKids members so much.

His smile is very cute, and he is a popular member among older fans.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I.N will grow😆

Finally (Profile of Stray Kids members)

Stray Kids is attracting attention as an idol who can create themself.

Not only cool performances, but also their cute personalitys are popular.

All the members are good friends, and YouTube videos and V Live have recorded a great number of views.

When you see their efforts, you feel like trying your best!

Stray Kids will be appearing on Kingdom, which will be broadcast from April 2020, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they will do 😆

I support future Stray Kids activities ♪