StrayKids Hyunjin has eyebrow piercing! ? Leaving for Indonesia to appear on GDA! His airport fashion is so cool♪


StrayKids Hyunjin is very popular all over the world.

Hyunjin attracted attention when he performed a special stage with Dance Racha and ITZY Yeji at the MBC Music Festival held at the end of the year.

Today, January 5th, StrayKids left for Indonesia!

StrayKids’ departure from Korea has been posted on YouTube such as NEWSEN.

They headed to Indonesia to perform at the 38th Golden Disc Awards (GDA).

Many fans and reporters came to the airport, which clearly shows how popular StrayKids is.

Hyunjin’s eyebrow piercing has become a hot topic among fans!

Maybe Hyunjin has eyebrow piercing is for the GDA stage😆

Let’s check out StrayKids’ performance at GDA♪