Hyunjin’s photo in Felix’s Vuitton wallet! ? StrayKids Hyunlix is so cute♪

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StrayKids Felix and Hyunjin are very popular all over the world.

Felix and Hyunjin are known for their close relationship, and STAY calls them “Hyunlix.”

Hyunjin’s photo became a hot topic in Felix’s Vlog in Tokyo, Japan, which was released yesterday on September 15th!

This is StrayKids Felix’s Tokyo Vlog on YouTube.

Felix was on the Tokyo subway, and it was an interesting Vlog for Japanese STAY.

I’m surprised that Felix ride the subway in Tokyo.

And when Felix bought a subway ticket, his Louis Vuitton wallet caught my attention!

For some reason, Hyunjin’s photo was in Felix’s wallet!

It was a big surprise for STAY to see Hyunjin’s photo in Felix’s wallet.

It seemed that Hyunjin said to Felix, “You can use it anytime”, and it’s funny that Felix carries it around in his wallet😆

You can feel the closeness of Hyunlix.

Yesterday, Felix and LeeKnow’s Hakone VLog was also released, so let’s check it out♪