Stray Kids Hyunjin’s airport fashion is cool! GUCCI’s cap & YSL’s bag are stylish! Departure to Riyadh♪


Stray Kids Hyunjin is very popular.

Hyunjin performed the collaboration stage with other idols on 2021 MAMA and MBC Gayo Daejeon.

Today, January 13th, Stray Kids left for Riyadh.

This time, I will introduce Hyunjin’s airport fashion!

This is a video of Stray Kids at airport posted on the official Instagram of KOREA DISPATCH.

Many reporters and fans appered in the airport and I felt the popularity of Stray Kids.

In Hyunjin’s airport fashion, the red cap and muffler is impressive.

Hyunjin’s red cap is a product of GUCCI, and the butterfly design was beautiful!

Furthermore, the muffler with a stylish border design such as red, green, yellow, and indigo was a product of Polo Ralph Lauren.

The black bag that Hyunjin had was from YSL (Yves Saint Laurent).

The jacket also looks great, and Hyunjin’s fashion style was so nice 😆

Let’s check out the airport fashions of other Stray Kids members ♪