ITZY Yeji becomes a special MC instead of StrayKids Hyunjin! Her red hair and denim outfit are cute!

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ITZY belongs to JYP Entertainment.

ITZY is a popular idol with cool performances, and it was a big success in 2020 as well.

On February 27th, ITZY Yeji acted as a special MC of Show Music Core!

These are photos of Yeji posted on ITZY’s official Instagram.

Yeji took photos in the waiting room of Show Music Core.

The red hair color looks good on Yeji, and the denim outfit was wonderful!

The photo holding the card was also cute .

In Show Music Core, StrayKids Hyunjin is usually the MC, but bad rumors have become a problem, and Yeji was the MC instead of Hyunjin this time.

I hope Hyunjin can return to the MC soon ♪