Stray Kids Hyunjin had blonde at MAMA2021! There is a collaboration stage with Wooyoung, Yeonjun, Yeji, Heeseung, and Karina!

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Stray Kids, a popular boy group belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids won the KINGDOM, and “Thunderous” and the latest song “Christmas EveL” are very popular.

Today, at MAMA2021 held on December 11th, Hyunjin’s hair color change to blonde became a hot topic!

This is a photo of Stray Kids on the red carpet posted on MAMA’s official Twitter account.

The black suit looked great and the chic outfit was cool.

It seems that Leeknow, the MC of Music Core broadcast today, hasn’t arrived yet.

At Hyunjin’s V Live the other day, we could see a little blonde through the gap in his hat, which became a hot topic among STAY.

And, at MAMA2021, Hyunjin’s blonde was finally revealed, and he was really cool 😆

Hyunjin had a long blond hair before, but recently he had black hair.

A lot of STAY was pleased with Hyunjin’s blonde after a long time.

Hyunjin performed at the opening of MAMA2021 with TXT Yeonjun, ITZY Yeji, ENHYPEN Heeseung, ATEEZ Wooyoung, and aespa Karina was gorgeous.

Be sure to check out the performance that Stray Kids will perform at MAMA2021 ♪