What’s meanings of StrayKids “Youtiful”? English lyrics are so beautiful!


StrayKids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids is preparing for their comeback with the new album ‘5-STAR’.

Today, May 22nd, StrayKids released the track video for “Youtiful”!

This is the track video of StrayKids’ “Youtiful” released on YouTube.

So far, several track videos related to ‘5-STAR’ have been released.

This time, it was “Youtiful”, and an anime video was playing.

The English lyrics of “Youtiful” are wonderful.

It’s a lyrics that raises self-affirmation, and their singing voice of the vocal line is wonderful.

It seems that the meaning of “Youtiful” is related to “you” and “beautiful”.

Some people think that “Be you tiful” is a combination of “be you” and “beautiful.”

In the lyrics, the words “You are Youtiful.”

Someday I would like to hear StrayKids perform “Youtiful” live♪