For Kkomi? The lyrics of StrayKids Hyunjin’s “Little star (miss you)”!


StrayKids Hyunjin is popular all over the world.

Hyunjin did a great job at the 2022 KBS Song Festival that was held the other day.

Recently, `꼬마별 (miss you, little star)” written by Hyunjin has been attracting attention among STAY. jzorNBLDIEI

“꼬마별 (miss you, little star)” was released a few years ago, but it is included in “SKZ-REPLAY” this time.

The lyrics were written by Hyunjin, and the lyrics have become a hot topic.

Hyunjin used to have a dog named Kkomi.

It is said that “꼬마별 (miss you, little star)” is like a letter written by Hyunjin to Kkomi.

“SKZ-REPLAY” also includes Hyunjin’s solo song “Love Untold”.

Let’s check it out♪