The lyrics and art of StrayKids Hyunjin’s “ice.cream” are wonderful! Composed by 3RACHA!

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StrayKids Hyunjin is very popular all over the world.

Hyunjin has great dance performances, and lately he’s been posting a lot of good drawings.

Today, August 13th, Hyunjin released his solo song “ice.cream”!

This is StrayKids Hyunjin’s solo song ‘ice.cream’ released on YouTube.

It was revealed as a surprise, and Hyunjin’s fan is so happy.

As you can see from the title “ice.cream”, the art of ice cream drawn by Hyunjin was wonderful.

Also, the lylics of “ice.cream” were written by Hyunjin, and composed and arranged by 3RACHA!

The lyrics about ice cream (ice.cream) is interesting, and the chorus has an addictive phrase.

It’s a perfect song for summer, and it’s easy to listen to.

I would love to hear Hyunjin perform “ice.cream” live someday♪