Alice in Wonderland? Fans’ theory about Stray Kids “ODDINARY” are interesting!

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Stray Kids will make a comeback with their new album “OD DINARY” in March.

Stray Kids member’s hair color change is cool, and the story of the trailer is drawing attention.

Among STAY, the relationship between “ODDINARY” and “Alice in Wonderland” is a hot topic!

This is the trailer for Stray Kids “ODDINARY” posted on YouTube.

The main character of the trailer is Felix.

The scene where Hyunjin whispers to Felix was impressive and thrilling 😆

Some STAY’s theory is that Felix is ​​Alice, and he seems to have wandered into a wonderland.

Actually, I don’t know if “Alice in Wonderland” and “ODDINARY” are related, but it’s interesting just to consider.

Only the trailer has just been released, so I’m interested in future stories!

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