In StrayKids Changbin’s smartphone case, a photo with TXT Yeonjun & ATEEZ Wooyoung is sandwiched! ? Their good friendship is a hot topic!

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Stray Kids is very popular all over the world.

The other day, Stray Kids left for Dubai.

Unfortunately, it seems that the performance has been canceled due to bad weather, but I can feel the worldwide popularity of Stray Kids.

This time, I will introduce the friendship of Stray Kids Changbin!

This is V Live broadcasted by Stray Kids on January 8th.

After GDA, V Live was broadcasted from the inside of the car.

Changbin, Hyunjin, Bangchan, and Han were on the car.

In this V Live, attention was focused on the photo sandwiched in Changbin’s smartphone cases!

It seems that Changbin, TXT Yeonjun, and ATEEZ Wooyoung were shown in the photo 😆

The three members were born in 1999 and are known for their close friendships.

It’s moving that Changbin cherishes the photo.

Fans think it to be a photo taken at MAMA.

I would like to see Changbin, Yeonjun, and Wooyoung co-star on stage someday ♪