There are 9 TXT Yeonjun! ? Too cute TikTok video is a topic! !

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) will come back on May 18.

The new song “Can’t You See Me?”

TXT is also popular for interacting with fans on SNS.

TXT Yeonjun posted a cute video on TikTok!


##딜레이스크린 ##연준 ##YEONJUN

♬ Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes

This is a video of TXT Yeonjun posted on TikTok.

Yeonjun appeared on 9 screens.

Yeonjun who moved his head to the song is so cute!

The movements of the mouth were full of cute things.


The always fun TXT TikTok video.

There are many videos other than the one posted by Yeonjun this time.

Please check it out!