aespa Ningning’s devil-angel and “sweetener” tattoos are so cute!

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aespa Ningning is the youngest member of aespa.

Ningning is very good at singing.

Recently, Ningning’s tattoos have been attracting attention among fans!

These are photos of aespa Ningning’s tattoos posted on the official Instagram of “Playgroud Tattoo”.

Ningning has a small tattoo on her wrist, but I didn’t know in detail what the design was.

However, in “Playground Tattoo” Instagram post, it turned out that tattoo was a devil-angel that Ningning drew herself!

The devil-angel tattoo is so cute ! 😆

Furthermore, there seems to be a tattoo with the letters “sweetener” on Ningning’s arm.

I am wondering what kind of thoughts Ningning put into the tattoos.

Let’s check out the photos of Ningning posted in the future ♪