TREASURE Yedam and StrayKids I.N graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul ! Celebration hashtags are trending!

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School of Performing Arts Seoul(SOPA) is a high school where many KPOP idols attend.

Speaking of SOPA, the yellow school uniform is famous.

TREASURE Yedam and StrayKids I.N have graduated from SOPA !

The reporters were gathering to shoot Yedam, who is active in TREASURE.

Yedam received bouquets and greeted the reporters politely!

Recently, while the schedule is busy with the comeback activity of “MY TREASURE”, Yedam is amazing to complete his high school life !

StrayKids’ maknae, I.N, has finally graduated from SOPA.

I.N used to go to high school with Hyunjin, but after Hyunjin graduated, I.N alone to go to school.

I.N’s yellow school uniform was famous among fans, so I’m a little lonely when I think I can’t see it anymore 😢

Fans around the world are celebrating Yedam and I.N’s high school graduation.

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There are many idols graduating from SOPA this year besides Ye-dam and I.N.

The last school uniforms of popular idols such as Cherry Bullet Chaerin, APRIL Rachel, NATURE Sunshine, Weki Meki Lucy, and LOONA Yeojin are attracting attention.

It’s amazing that everyone was doing their best in school life in parallel with their idol activities!

Congratulations on their graduation 🎉