Stray Kids moved to new dorm! ? The roommate also changed ? Check out Hyunjin’s V Live ♪


Stray Kids, who belongs to JYP Entertainment.

At the SBS Gayo Daejeon held on December 25th, the special stages of “Winter Falls” and “Thunderous” were wonderful.

Stray Kids members who used to spend time sharing a room with their roommates in one dormitory, but they seems to have moved to new dorm!

This is V Live broadcasted by Stray Kids Hyunjin on December 9th.

The fans knew that StrayKids had already moved to new dorm.

StrayKids members are separated in new two dorms.

Dorm①:Hyunjin & Bang Chan & Han & Changbin

Dorm②:LeeKnow & Seungmin & Felix & I.N.

StrayKids used to use their room with roommates, but now each room is alone.

Even though they are separated dorm, they went each other’s rooms, and Hyunjin said that he recently ate a night snack together with LeeKnow.

Still, Hyunjin seemed that feel lonely that he can’t meet the cute baby members (such as I.N) after work.

Hyunjin uses dorm with 3RACHA, who make songs, so they seems to be busy with creative activities.

Hyunjin said he spend time to draw.

I want to see how Stray Kids members are spending time in new dorm 😆

Let’s check the success of Stray Kids in 2022 ♪