StrayKids Hyunjin’s neck and arm hand-drawn tattoos are cute! His arm muscles are also a topic! Check out Hyunjin in “MAXIDENT”♪


StrayKids released the trailer for “MAXIDENT” on September 6th.

The comeback of StrayKids has become a hot topic all over the world.

In the “MAXIDENT” trailer, Hyunjin’s tattoos are drawing attention!

Here is the trailer of StrayKids “MAXIDENT” released on YouTube.

The ‘MAXIDENT’ trailer started with Hyunjin.

Hyunjin had long bangs and was so beautiful.

And Hyunjin had tattoos on his neck and arm!

Hyunjin’s neck tattoo was hidden by his hair, but I could see letters that looked like ‘ve’, so it might say ‘love’.

The tattoo on Hyunjin’s arm was designed to look like a rose flower and a person’s face, and it was really wonderful😆

Both Hyunjin’s tattoo on his neck and arm are designed in a hand-drawn style, so maybe Hyunjin designed the tattoo himself!

Some STAY noticed Hyunjin’s arm muscles.

Hyunjin’s arm muscles were so cool!

Be sure to check out Hyunjin in future StrayKids “MAXIDENT”♪