StrayKids Hyunlix attends YSL’s perfume event in Paris! Their fashion is so cool♪

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StrayKids Hyunjin and Felix are very popular.

Hyunjin and Felix are nicknamed “Hyunlix” by STAY and are known for their close relationship.

Today, Hyunlix’s appearance in Paris is a hot topic!

Stray Kids on Instagram: "🕶 #lovestay"
3M likes, 21K comments - realstraykids on September 6, 2022: "🕶 #lovestay"

These are photos of Hyunjin posted on StrayKids’ official Instagram.

It had an emoji of sunglasses 🕶.

Hyunjin’s fashion this time was a suit-like styling, and he was so fashionable.

It seemed that Hyunlix attended the YSL Beauty and DUA LIPA collaboration perfume launch event at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris!

Hyunjin and Felix’s popularity is well understood to have been invited by the world-famous brand YSL (Yves Saint Laurent).

And today, on September 6th, the trailer for StrayKids “MAXIDENT” was released.

Hyunlix in “MAXIDENT” was also cool, so let’s check it out♪