StrayKids Hyunjin dance cover NCT127 “Kick It” !!


Stray Kids came back with the new song “Gods Menu”.

StrayKids is a group that is gaining popularity as album sales have been strong.

Such Stray Kids Hyunjin covered NCT127 “Kick It”!

The performance of “Kick It”, which NCT127 announced in 2020, was popular.

Stray Kids “Kick It” dancing by Hyunjin was also a powerful performance.

He did a cool dance cover for “Kick It”.

Hyunjin was a hot topic the other day at Music Bank, covering Red Velvet “Psycho” as 00s.

Hyunjin’s “Kick It” was also a great cover.

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NCT 127 “Kick It” covered by StrayKids Hyunjin.

I was able to see the cool dance of Hyunjin.

I want Hyunjin to cover various songs.

Be sure to check out the new song “Gods menu” by Stray Kids♪