Stray Kids will hold 2nd world tour “MANIAC”! Looking forward to performances in Seoul, Japan and the United States!


Stray Kids is popular all over the world.

Stray Kids is planning to make a comeback with their new album “ODDINARY” on March 18th, and new information is released every day.

Today, March 7th, it was announced that Stray Kids will hold their 2nd world tour “MANIAC”!

This is the announcement of “MANIAC” posted on the official Twitter of Stray Kids.

The title of StrayKids’ new song “MANIAC” was also the title of the world tour.

This is the second world tour for StrayKids, and many STAY are long-awaited their world tour.

Starting from Seoul, South Korea, it will be held in Japan and the United States.

Since it is written as “AND MORE”, there may be more venues in the future.

Don’t miss Stray Kids’ new song “MANIAC” which will be released on March 18th ♪