StrayKids Hyunjin’s sweat smells good! ? Focus on Hyunjin, who is sweaty and handsome !!

Quote from:StrayKids instagram

Stray Kids will make a comeback on September 14th with their new album “IN 生”.

The powerful performance is a popular idol.

Hyunjin has been attracting attention for his handsome and sexy performance in Stray Kids.

Introducing the charm of sweaty Hyunjin !

Hyunjin is sweating and dancing.

His sweat that scatters every time he dance is cool!

Hyunjin’s sweat is said to be sexy.

Felix used to talk about Hyunjin’s sweat .

It seems that there is a unique smell of Hyunjin, so when Felix was a trainee, he went to sniff Hyunjin, who had sweated, and Felix said, “It smells good.” .

I’m wondering what it smells like!

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StrayKids Hyunjin who looks good in sweat.

In the teaser of the new album “IN 生”, Hyunjin became long pink hair.

I look forward to the performance of the new song♪