What meaning of “Limbo” of StrayKids Lee Know? The lyrics has become a hot topic!


StrayKids Lee Know is very popular.

Lee Know is a member who is good at dancing, and his powerful performances is popular.

Lee Know’s solo song “Limbo” was released today, December 21st!

StrayKids’ “SKZ-REPLAY” contains solo songs of each member.

The title of Lee Know’s solo song is “Limbo”.

When you say “Limbo”, many people think of limbo dance, but it seems that it means “forgetting”!

It’s a song where STAY can listen to a lot of Lee Know’s vocals.

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The lyrics of “Limbo” are also wonderful!

The chorus is powerful and I would love to see a live performance.

Be sure to check out not only “Limbo” but also the solo songs of other StrayKids’ members♪