StrayKids BangChan’s nose piercing, I.N(Jeongin)’s eyebrow & lip piercing are cool! “MAXIDENT” has been released!


StrayKids’ maknae, I.N(Jeongin).

I.N(Jeongin) is loved by all StrayKids’ members.

In the trailer of StrayKids “MAXIDENT” released today on September 6th, I.N(Jeongin)’s piercings became a hot topic !

This is the trailer for “MAXIDENT” posted on StrayKids’ official Twitter account.

The trailer for StrayKids’ comeback is attracting attention among STAYS all over the world.

In ‘MAXIDENT’, I.N(Jeongin) had silver hair.

And, I.N(Jeongin) had accessories such as eyebrow and lip piercings !

Not only I.N(Jeongin) but also Bang Chan wore nose piercings, and they are so cool !

Felix’s ponytail and Hyunjin’s long hair were also really cool😆

Don’t miss the upcoming StrayKids “MAXIDENT” video to see what the story will be like♪