Stray Kids becomes Frankenstein! ? The teaser image of “MANIAC” is so cool!

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Stray Kids will make a comeback with their new album “OD DINARY” on March 18th.

The title song is “MANIAC” and I’m looking forward to what kind of concept it is.

Today, March 5th, the teaser image of Stray Kids “ODDINARY” has been released!

This is the teaser image of “ODDINARY” posted on the official Twitter of Stray Kids.

In the trailer of “ODDIINARY”, Felix as the main character was drawing attention.

Some STAY speculated that “ODDINARY” might be related to “Alice in Wonderland”.

In the teaser image of “ODDINARY” released this time, the shadow of StrayKids members was Frankenstein!

I’m wondering how Frankenstein is related to the future story 😆

Don’t miss the release of Stray Kids’ new song “MANIAC” on March 18th ♪