StrayKids has released a new song “神메뉴” MV! Pay attention to the unique lyrics! !


Stray Kids who made a comeback with their new album “GO生”.

The number of pre-sales of “GO生” exceeded 200,000.

Stray Kids are becoming more and more popular.

MV for the new song “神메뉴” by Stray Kids has been released!

Stray Kids "神메뉴" M/V

This is the MV of Stray Kids “神메뉴” that was released on June 17, 18:00.

The MV of “神메뉴” was talked about from the teaser video.

It was a rare title, but as the menu says, a chef will appear and the lyrics will say “Welcome” and “Whatever you ask, satisfy your senses” , Unique lyrics were lined up.

There were many memorable phrases such as “TANG TANG TANG TANG” and “DU DU DU DU DU DU”.

The climax Felix part and Hyunjin’s “Yes. Customers” part was also impressive!

StrayKids’ powerful rap and dance were cool.

I want to see the live stage soon.

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Stray Kids who made a comeback with their new album “GO生”.

The MV of the title song “神메뉴” has also been released.

StrayKids will be popular again!

Be sure to check out the new song “神메뉴” by Stray Kids♪

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