ZICO is making a comeback with “Summer Hate”! Collaborating with RAIN to talk about it !!


Block B leader ZICO.

ZICO has been active as a solo and producer recently.

Such ZICO is back with a new song “Summer Hate”!

[MV] ZICO(지코) _ Summer Hate (Feat. Rain(비))

This is the MV of ZICO’s new song “Summer Hate” released on July 1.

RAIN is participating in the “Summer Hate” feature.

The great collaboration was a hot topic!

RAIN also appeared in the MV of “Summer Hate”, making it a hot summer MV!

ZICO’s new album “RANDOM BOX”, which includes “Summer Hate”, was a topic of cute packaging.

The new album of Ideaman’s ZICO is likely to hit again.

By the way, ZICO and RAIN are also active as trainers for I-LAND.

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ZICO’s new song “Summer Hate” is released.

“Summer Hate” It was a perfect song for the hot summer.

Be sure to check out the MV featuring RAIN♪

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