WJSN releases new song “BUTTERFLY” MV! Pay attention to the world view like a fairy tale! !

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WJSN who belongs to the same office as MONSTA X.

WJSN is popular for its high performance and visuals.

Their unique concept is always a topic.

Such WJSN has released a new song “BUTTERFLY” MV!


This is the MV for WJSN “BUTTERFLY” released on June 9th.

The title of WJSN’s new album is “Neverland”.

It was a music video with a fairytale-like world view as the title says.

“fly like butterfly, it doesn’t have to be gorgeous”

The dreaming girl’s heart was well expressed in BUTTERFLY.

The concept was like a WJSN.

A different member sang at the center every time at climax, and the performance was fresh.

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WJSN who made a comeback with the new song “BUTTERFLY”.

It was a song where you can feel new charm of WJSN.

Please check it out!