JO1 covers Wanna One “Energetic” with KCON! Focus on to the high quality stage !!

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2020KCON where many popular artists appear online.

KCON is an exciting event every year, but it was held online in 2020 due to the effects of the coronavirus.

This time, I would like to introduce the stage of Wanna One “Energetic” covered by JO1 at KCON!

This is Wanna One “Energetic” covered by JO1 at KCON.

It was a precious stage for JO1 born from Japan’s Produce101 to cover Wanna One’s debut song “Energetic”, which was born from Produce101 Season 2 in Korea.

Covered by Ren Kawashiri, Takami Kawanishi, Ruki Shiroiwa, and Issei Mamehara.

By the way, Kawashiri has experience as a back dancer for Wanna One.

Kawashiri’s dance was brilliant, and he was truly talented.

The stage was of high quality not only for Kawashiri but also for all the members.

The “Energetic” of this JO1 has become a hot topic, and “Energetic” has become a trend!

The influence of JO1 is amazing!

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JO1 was born from the Japanese version of Produce101.

The stage of “Energetic” covered by JO1 was overwhelming!

Please check it out!