ATEEZ Wooyoung’s little brother Kyungmin is cute! Photo of close brothers is a hot topic!

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ATEEZ Wooyoung is popular all over the world.

Wooyoung is a popular member because of his cool performance on stage and his cute personality.

The photo of Wooyoung and his little brother Kyungmin has become a hot topic!

This is the photo of Wooyoung and Kyungmin posted on ATEEZ’s official Twitter account.

Wooyoung and Kyungmin are cute brothers.

Wooyoung often talks about Kyungmin, so Kyugmin is famous among ATEEZ’s fans.

In the photo, Wooyoung and Kyungmin have their faces stuck, and I could feel the bond between their close brothers.

I’m looking forward to see more photos of Wooyoung and Kyungmin in the future ♪